Viral Videos: Vigilant Onlookers Eye Upon Cops, Netas Flouting Road Norms

Bhubaneswar: Since the day of its imposition, the Motor Vehicles Act (2019) has become a headache for the traffic rule violators across the State.

After feeling the pinch of heavy penalties introduced under the MV Act, public have set their eyes on police personnel and netas who are violating the norms blatantly. Videos of such violations have been circulating on social media.

A couple of days back, a large number of people had gathered at the Rajmahal Square of the Capital City and intercepted three official vehicles- a police PCR van, a MO bus, and a BMC van. They wanted to see the documents of the vehicles like pollution certificates, etc and when the drivers were unable to produce those, the public brimmed with anger demanding hefty fines from them. It led to a face-off with the police.

Such is the anger of the public regarding the new MV Act that they leave no stone unturned to show the erroneous authorities.

  1. Watch: Additional RTO Moves Without Seat Belt On

A recent video captured by a vigilant onlooker in Ganjam, in which Chhatrapur ARTO (Additional Raod Transport Officer) named Shantanu Kumar Parida in  Ganjam faced the wrath of common people as he was moving in his vehicle without his seat belts on. The locals expressed their discontentment and displeasure over the whole act.

2. Watch: Speeding PCR Van’s Doors Dangerously Open

Here is a video showing a PCR Van speeding ahead while the doors of the vehicle are dangerously open. It went viral just few days after the new MV Act came into force.

While the location of this incident is yet to be ascertained sources said this was shot somewhere in Bhubaneswar.

The video has gone viral on the social media and there is angst among people over the alleged negligence on the part of the staff inside the vehicle.

At a juncture when the enforcement activities are on its peak, the lackadaisical and dangerous act of cops in the vehicle has raised some serious questions.

3. Watch: Cops Flouting Traffic Norms

Capturing such videos and posting it on social media has become the norm of the day. A video doing rounds on social media shows one police personnel riding a Royal Enfield Bullet without helmet. Similarly, another video shows a helmetless police personnel talking on mobile phone while riding a Hero Glamour.

While actual locations of the incidents are yet to be ascertained, it is believed that they have been shot in Bhubaneswar. The registration numbers of the Royal Enfield and Hero Glamour are also seen clearly in the videos.

4. Hilarious: Legislator Steps to Sensitise Traffic Rules, Fined For Wrong Parking

Bhubaneswar-Central MLA Anant Narayan Jena was fined for parking his car illegally at a no-parking zone near AG Square. Ironically, he was there to sensitise people to follow traffic rules under the amended Motor Vehicle Act.

The Commissionerate Police had organised a special awareness drive in the capital city on road safety and the former mayor had to cough up Rs 500 for flouting the traffic norm. According to Jena, his driver had parked the vehicle in the wrong place.


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