Wall Near Indradyumna Pond Collapses In Puri, Huge Cracks Appear On Road

Puri: Walls opposite to the entrance of the holy Indradyumna pond here collapsed on Saturday night and resultantly huge cracks appeared on adjacent road.

As per reports, at about 8 pm last night the wall collapsed and massive cracks appeared on adjacent road; which is a major lifeline for nearby residents. However, locals had to close it off, as its current condition is a death hole for anyone traversing it.

The 10 feet long and four feet wide wall has been crying for attention for a long time. After incessant rains in August 2018, the eastern and southern walls of the pond had collapsed. Again, the north-side wall of Indradyumna pond had caved in during heavy rains in October 2018. Temporary service in the form of sandbags was provided to the walls but it faltered over time.

Wall of another holy pond- Markandeya had also crumbled a while ago. It is important to note here that the wall is yet to be mended.

The five holy ponds in Puri, namely Indradyumna, Markandeya, Shwetaganga, Rohini Kunda, and Madodadhi or the sea, have very close links with the Jagannath culture. Many devotees from across the country often take a dip in the holy ponds or tanks before taking darshan of the holy trinity.


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