War Against Covid Not Over So We Cannot Drop Our Guard, Says Dr Jayant Panda

Bhubaneswar: The war against Covid-19 is not over; to win the war we have to be on the alert, cautioned Dr Jayant Panda, technical adviser to Odisha Government, on COVID-19 today.

“We are passing through a pandemic. The war against it is on. Some might be thinking that the fight is on the decline. That’s not correct,” stated Dr Panda.

He said that we have to remain fully alert so that we are not infected and secondly to protect ourselves from the clutches of this virus.

In the event of one getting infected with the virus, he/she has to remain alert against post-infection symptoms and lastly, we have to take steps to win this war against the virus, he added.

Referring to post-infection tiredness, pain in upper and lower limbs, loss of appetite, mental distress, cough, fever, and other different health problems faced by some like the feeling of breathlessness, cough, Dr Panda said in such cases they should go for medical consultation after 10 days of treatment or home isolation and seven days of quarantine.

He informed that now post-Covid treatment, research and follow-up facilities are now available at the Medicine OPD, Pulmonary OPD and Gynae Obs OPD of SCB Medical College and Hospital.

He cautioned that in some cases the effect of the disease persists up to a year, so one should remain alert for the symptoms till three to six months.

Those who have undergone treatment for prolonged periods were on a ventilator are more likely to have symptoms like tiredness, feeling of breathlessness, and cough, he added.

They should go for timely tests and take medicine, he advised.

Dr Panda stated that those who are suffering from diabetes, chronic kidney ailment, high blood pressure, cancer, collagen vascular diseases, or chronic diseases are more likely to develop post-Covid complications. So, therefore, they should go for tests and apart from controlling these diseases we have to take steps to control post-Covid complications, he added.

Dr Panda said apart from these we have to follow Covid protocols like wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, and keep our environment-our home, office, workplace, and our vehicle clean so that there is no chance of infection from the virus.

In addition to that we have to take all steps to boost our immunity, he added.

Dr Jayant Panda, COVID-19 Technical Adviser To Odisha Government