Was Lulu Trying To Give Prasad A Message On Deathbed?

**Bhubaneswar:** Amid the current scenario of the Odisha unit of Congress as alleged by its detractors as a divided house and the present unpleasant development of the virtually internal wrangling and dissidence activities, the unsaid words of departed Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra (fondly known as Lulu) to incumbent Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Prasad Harichandan on deathbed speaks volumes.

Condoling his premature demise, the PCC president grieved, “I’d met him four days back at ICU No 10 of Medanta Hospital. Two more friends were also there with me. He wished to say something for which the nurse was lending a pen to write down. But, he wished to speak out something to me taking out the mask. He lent his hands towards me, but I was reluctant to put forth mine thinking that it would invite infection. When I spread by arms, he gripped by hands tightly.”

An emotionally-torn Prasad lamented, “Even till his last breath, his aim and objective was to strengthen Congress in Odisha and fight for the interests of its people. He had initiated himself into the public life ever since his student days for the larger benefits of Odisha and its people. This was his sole way of life. He was extremely enterprising in this respect.”

Even been bedridden due to prolonged illness and despite being far away from Odisha for his medical treatment, it all seems that the Young Turk of Odisha Congress was well aware of its recent row and a virtual coup against Prasad Harichandan within the party as well as the ‘Delhi Chalo’ political drama exhibited by the Leader of Opposition, 15 Congress MLAs and recently the parading of 23 DCC chiefs before the Congress heir apparent and AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi at the Delhi Durbar.

Perhaps the departed leader, who breathed Congress till his last, had the last wish to see Congress come back with a vengeance at the power corridor to serve Odisha and its people.


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