Watch: Forest Officials Rescue Elephant & Calf From Ditch In Odisha’s Sambalpur

Sambalpur: After hours of operation, forest officials were successful in rescuing a wild elephant and her calf from a ditch in Jujumara area under Hatibari block early today morning.

Reportedly on Saturday night, the elephant calf was slurping water from the ditch when the animal slipped and fell into it. Following this, the mother jumbo tried to save her calf and also fell into the ditch. The jumbos trumpeted as they struggled to come out of it.

The locals spotted them on Sunday morning and informed the forest officials. On intimation, officials rushed to the spot and safely rescued them after three-hour long operation. After coming out of the ditch, the scared but irate elephants damaged two motorcycles and five bicycles on their way back to the forest.

It is notable to mention here that a herd of 24 jumbos including four calves had wandered into human habitation in Sambalpur, thus damaging many crops and houses.