Watch: Herd Of Elephants Being Swept Away In Mahanadi River

**Athagarh:** Even four days after Titli’s landfall, there seems to be no end to the cyclone’s effect on life. In the wee hours today, around five elephants were caught on-camera being swept away in the high current of Mahanadi river that has been induced by the Titli-triggered torrential rains.

The incident occurred today early morning when a herd of 25-30 elephants were trying to cross the river near Munduli. They were unable to withstand the high current of the river and were swept away by the water. At least five elephants can be seen on camera, but the locals suspect that there might be more.

It is notable to mention here that elephants can swim their way across a river in case of high depths that restrict them from walking across. However today, the elephants were not in luck as the water currents overshadowed their swimming skills and mammoth bodies.

According to the locals, the Banki-Athagarh area has a heavy elephant populace and there is a lot of pachyderm movement.

Till last reports came in, the animals had been swept away till Naraj Dam and two elephants had been rescued by forest officials.

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