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Watch How Cobra Being Rescued From Poultry Farm Near Pipili

Bhubaneswar: The Snake Helpline today rescued a five-foot long cobra from a poultry farm situated in Panidola village near Pipili.

As per reports, the venomous reptile sneaked into the poultry farm of one Sanjay Palei. While the workers tried to chase it out, it took refuse under the poultry feed rake. When the terrified farm workers called the Snake Helpline, its volunteer Susant Behera rushed to the spot and got the feed-bags removed one by one cautiously assisted by the farm employees. Rescuing the cobra, it was later released into a far away suitable habitat.

Snake Helpline founder Subhendu Mallik said, “Poultry farms attract all types of snakes because of the presence of birds, eggs, and rodents. Though wild and free-living chicken can fight a cobra, the birds in this farm are broilers that are very lethargic and without any fighting instinct. When a cobra enters such a farm, it can’t eat a big size bird, but can kill some with its neurotoxic venom”.

“We are happy that we could rescue the snake before any damage was done,” quipped Subhendu.


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