Watch: How Eid Al-Adha Is Being Celebrated Amid COVID-19 Pandemic In Odisha

Balasore/Cuttack: With COVID-19 restrictions in place around in India including Odisha, Muslims are celebrating the festival of Eid al-Adha taking all safety precautions and maintaining social distancing.

This is the second Eid celebration in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the world. The first Eid- the Eid-ul-Fitr, was celebrated on May 25 this year.

What Muslims across Odisha miss is the participation in Idgah prayers as Government has banned mass gatherings in view of the COVID pandemic. They also miss wearing new clothes and gorging on great food amidst festive fervour running high.

OMMCOM NEWS spoke to a few Muslims residing in Balasore and Cuttack district and asked how the festivities were different this year.

Mohammad Abdul from Soro along with the selected 15 had been to participate in Idgah prayers. He added that each mosque of the Balasore had designated five people for the Eid prayers which were completed in strict compliance with social distancing norms.

“We are strictly following the Government’s Eid guidelines and have asked our kids to follow the same. The children are definitely missing wearing new clothes and going out,” said Mohammad Raffi of Cuttack.

Mansoor Khan reminisced of the grand celebrations every year. “We are having low-key Eid celebrations at our homes and even the qurbani (sacrifice) was done at home. We, in the community, are taking care of also keeping the environment clean because that is the need of the hour,” he added.

“Before the pandemic, there used to be a big gathering of guests at our home, but this time the celebrations are subdued. Another thing is missing out on Idgah prayers,” Nadeem Khan said.

Shabana missed last year’s celebrations and said that her family had a rather simple celebration this year. She said, “Because of the pandemic, Eid-ul-Fitr was a low key affair and we were hoping to compensate in Eid al-Adha but because of the scenario, we had to compromise on that too.”

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