Watch How Former Top Cop Seeks Votes On Cycle

Cuttack: The politicians are fighting tooth and nail to get the slight edge over their competitors and secure a victory in the Elections of their Constituencies. To achieve this, candidates have come with several new strategies to woo the voters. From eating a meal in an impoverished house to touching elders’ feet, the politicians have shed every ounce of their sweat to win people’s hearts.

In Cuttack, former Odisha’s Director General of Police Prakash Mishra began a new journey of door-to-door campaign on his bicycle. Armed with saffron flags and posters all around his bicycle, this BJP MP Candidate for Cuttack Lok Sabha Seat is trying to reach all inaccessible areas personally. He is being followed by few of his supporters, who chant victory slogans, under the scorching sun.

“I am trying to cover every house possible. In that way, I will be able to interact with all my brothers and sisters of Cuttack Parliamentary Constituency. I am informing the people about our manifesto and they are also conveying their problems to me,” Prakash Mishra said.

Once a figure of authority, Mishra is now trying his best to portray himself a common man. As he peddles his way through the narrow lanes of silver city, all are now curious if his competitors will come up with some unique campaign too.


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