Watch Odisha Government College Teacher Seeking Bribe From Student

**Berhampur**: A video has been posted by a student of Binayak Acharya College affiliated to Berhampur University on Facebook in which one can see a faculty member of the college taking bribe from the students prior to their examination. According to the Facebook post, it is the Physics department and the students are asked to give money for record submission and getting pass marks in the examinations.

In the video, he is seen threatening the students with Physics Honours to think before not giving him any money prior to the exams or they would face dire consequences.
When a student is seen arguing that he has written the records himself, will study to pass the exams but would not give any sort of bribe as it is a wrong practice, the faculty member is seen threatening that he will see to it how he gets marks in the exams.

The argument did not stop here. He is even seen saying that the government do not provide the computers in the lab, it is he who arranges everything for them, provides them record books which helps them in writing their records.

When the student reiterates that it is his (the teacher’s) duty, the visibly arrogant teacher is seen saying that the students are not his relatives and he helps them for money only.

Though OMMCOM NEWS do not vouch for the authenticity of the video, but it shows the bleak side of the education system followed in our colleges where examination time is a boom time for some of the faculty members who take undue advantage of the ‘weaker’ students during that time.

This footage clandestinely taken by one of the students has been an eye-opener to the crumbling examination pattern as well as corrupt practices adopted in our education system.