Watch: Railway Official Heroically Saves Lady Passenger From Dreadful Train Mishap

Cuttack: At 4 pm on Thursday (23 May), a lady passenger was saved in the nick of time from a dreadful train mishap in Cuttack Railway Station. The middle-aged woman was trying to get off a running train when she fell down and was caught between the platform and the locomotive.

As the Puducherry-Howrah Express moved ahead, she was dragged for several seconds on the platform. There was a high risk of her sustaining critical injuries as she was caught in a very difficult spot. However, Senior Section Engineer TR Barik showcased bravery and dived to save her.

He ran along with the train and extended a helping hand to the lady. As a result of this, she was lifted and pushed back to the train by him. The entire incident unfolded in front of several eye-witnesses, who were taken aback and praised Barik’s timely action.

As per official sources, General Manager East Coast Railway has sanctioned a cash award to T R Barik for exemplary presence of mind and passenger safety consciousness.


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