Watch: Train Slows Down For Elephant Herd To Cross Railway Track In Athagarh

Athagarh: In yet another incident of sheer negligence by authorities, an elephant herd was seen this morning near Khuntuni Range level crossing in Athagarh trying to get to the other side of the rail line without any precautions.

As per reports, there were over 20 jumbos in the herd. At the same time, a train was also speeding through the tracks. The loco-pilot had no information of the animals’ activities. Spotting the pachyderms from a distance, the driver slowed down the train and let the elephants cross. 

This railway line lies within 30 km range of Athagarh Forest divison’s elephant corridor, thus posing a serious safety threat to animals. In such conditions, the Forest Department is supposed to inform the Railway officials regarding the animal’s movement in the area.

It is notable to mention here that several elephant deaths were reported in the county last year due to mowing down of train.