We’re For You & Rights, Not Police: Maoists

**Rayagada:** Close on the heels of the recent protest by Dongaria Kondhs gheraoing the SP office here to release their innocent brethren who have allegedly been arrested branded as Maoist supporters, the ultras taking advantage of such a development have tried to persuade the tribals fanning an emotional chord with them through their posters.

Posters written in chaste Odia language were found in the tribal-dominated Niyamgiri area issued by CPI (Maoist) Rayagada Area Committee.

The red rebels have tried to prove themselves that they are the friends in need and indeed for the causes of the tribals.

It has been mentioned that the left wing extremists are ever ready to champion for the tribals’ legitimate rights on ‘Jal’ (water), ‘Jamin’ (land), ‘Jungle’ (forest) and ‘Izzat’ (modesty and pride).

They have urged the people not to be scared of them as they never intend to kill the innocent people.

They have appealed the people not to be swayed away by the false propaganda of the police.