What Odisha Farmers Have To Say On Various Welfare Schemes

**Bhubaneswar: ** The five-day-long annual programme Krushi Odisha-2019 organised by the State Government is underway since yesterday (January 15) here in the capital city and farmers from across the State have participated in it.

On the occasion, OMMCOM NEWS tried to interact with some farmers at the venue and elicited their reactions on the various welfare schemes being implemented by the incumbent Odisha Government headed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Here is what they have to say on the schemes they have reaped benefits.

An elderly woman farmer from Balianta block in her reactions said, “I have reaped benefits from a score of ‘yojanas’ (schemes). The State Government had supported me to plant pea and groundnut. I have also been awarded. Paddy seed and fertilizer had also been provided. I harvested 18 sacks full of paddy from 9 ‘guntas’ (approx 36 decimals). Also a machine has been given to me.”

“I’m glad. This yojana (KALIA) is very good. This yojana suits to both the poor and rich as well as land labourers. Previously only the rich farmers used to reap the benefits while the poor were deprived of,” she remarked.

Another elderly farmer Bhagyadhar Swain from Balakati in Khurda district said, “KALIA yojana for us by the State Government is suitable. The way the Naveen Government is doing for the farmers is good. We are getting all sorts of support from the field staff. Now we are going to get benefits for both Kharif and Rabi seasons.”

“As we are getting all the supports from the State Government, how can we blame it? During the 18 years of Naveen Government, the scenario of agriculture has changed,” he remarked.

Srinivas Baliarsingh from Ranpur in Khurda district said, “The KALIA yojana implemented by Naveen Patnaik is very good as it will make agriculture prosper a lot. The farmers are also getting lots of facilities.”

Prasant Kumar Behera from Balianta in Khurda district said, “The yojana is faring well. It is being run in new methods and techniques. The Odisha Government is providing all support for agriculture at the block level. We are feeling very well.”

Alekh Mallick from Kantimala village of Kakatpur block in Puri district said, “We are getting the benefits. The agriculture officers are in contact with the farmers. We the poor farmers and sharecroppers have registered in our Khurda district. The Krushak Committee is providing us all sorts of support. Despite being landless, the poor farmers and sharecroppers are reaping the benefits by this yojana.”

“Those who are rich farmers and are service holders are not included in it. We the poor farmers are being benefitted,” he reiterated.

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