What People In Bhubaneswar Have To Say About Hyderabad Encounter

Bhubaneswar: People in Bhubaneswar have varied opinion on the police encounter in which four accused in the gang rape and murder of a veterinarian, were killed.

The lawyers’ fraternity has raised contentions on the manner in which the extra judicial killings took place. “We live in a society where everyone has a right to free and fair trial,” said city-based lawyer Chandan Mohanty.

Mohanty said, “Amidst all hue and cries, it is obvious that there must be undue societal pressure on Police but a questionable encounter like the Hyderabad encounter sets a bad precedent. No matter what, we must respect the legislation and the letter of law must be followed at all costs. Our judicial system is made in a way to encompass all.”

Here are some of the opinions of Bhubaneswar denizens:

“I believe this was wrong on part of the police. They should not have been killed rather crippled for life,” a housewife said.

“The law should have taken its course. The police should have acted promptly, but in this case the investigation was delayed,” a college-going boy said.

“The perpetrators of such crimes should be killed immediately, shoot at sight. No mercy for such criminals,” a female college student said.

“The encounter was a mistake. The police failed in providing custody to the accused. They got an easy escape with death. These criminals should have suffered for life behind bars,” a working professional said.

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