When The Fire Services Directorate Is Under Scanner, Here Is A Salute To Our Brave Firemen

Bhubaneswar: Working hard amidst testing times, rescuing people and saving lives has been the hallmark of the Odisha Fire Services personnel for several decades. There services and efforts are not restricted to the boundaries of Odisha but these brave men have created a distinct identity for themselves by conducting successful rescue operations in other Indian states.

Today, when the spectre of irregularity looms large on this distinguished establishment, the men on ground are least perturbed and have displayed exemplary valour. A middle-aged man, Subodh Barik, aged about 45 years climbed atop the Parija Library on the premises of Utkal University on Friday.

The man who seemed to be mentally unstable threatened to commit suicide by jumping down. The onlookers and policemen could do little to appease him. Within moments several teams of the Odisha Fire Services queued at the spot and worked on a strategy to pull him down.

The rescue efforts started from around 10 am in the morning and lasted till 3 pm. During these five hours, the brave fire personnel made multiple attempts to scale the towering Parija Library with the help of wooden ladders as well as state-of-the-art Bronto Sky lift (hydraulic platform).

When a number of attempts made to rescue Barik failed, senior Fire Services officials led by Chief Fire Officer Sukant Sethy rushed to the spot. It was decided that two Brunto lifts will be engaged through which two rescuers will be sent atop. One would engage the mentally unstable Barik in small-talk while the other Fireman would draw him into the crane.

With lot of efforts and brave attempts, caring little about their own lives, the Fire Services personnel managed to accomplish this daring life-saving act. Barik was brought down and taken to the Capital Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.

Speaking about the endeavour, senior Fire officials said, this is all about their duty and what they are trained for – ‘to save precious lives’. At a time, when their Directorate is facing an inquiry over irregularities in issuance of Fire Safety clearances to commercial establishments, the valour and dutifulness of Odisha’s fire personnel remains unaffected.

We salute their commitment and dedication to this noble job!

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