Why This Malicious Campaign In Social Media Against The Puri Gang Rape Survivor?

Bhubaneswar: What is baffling is attempts in social media and even in some sections of the mainstream media to paint the Puri alleged gang rape survivor as a person with loose morals.

Video clips of her being gang raped are being shared on social media especially on messaging platform ‘WhatsApp’ with captions questioning the very morality of the victim to seek justice when she could self record the video of her rape.

Some messages sharing details of her supposedly Facebook profile, friend list, etc are doing rounds with some labeling her to be a person in dubious/questionable profession. 

Few pertinent questions automatically come to our mind and should also come to others too who are closely following the case.

Firstly, can someone record her own rape video and share it with the police?

Secondly, who are the vested interests who are sharing the supposedly rape video of the survivor, her Facebook profile, friends list, classified advertisement of an escort service et al and trying to label her as a person in dubious/questionable profession and the motive behind it.

Thirdly, is this not an attempt to derail the investigations of the police by influencing public opinion when a dismissed cop is a prime accused?

Fourthly, some media reports have questioned how another person sleeping in the next room could not know when a gang rape took place in the adjacent room and whether it was rape or consensual sex. Moreover, media reports seeking answers to who was the young man and the young woman who had accompanied the rape survivor to the Kumbharapada police station when she came to lodge her complaint.

We have one thing to tell since the survivor, in this case, is a minor, her consent doesn’t make a difference and law provides that it is rape.

Next, even if she is in a dubious questionable profession , doesn’t she have a right to her dignity?

The police should handle the case professionally and not get influenced by the campaign on social media. 

Umashankar Dash, SP, Puri

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