Will Dhauligiri Retain Its Glory After FANI

Bhubaneswar: Dhauligiri, one of the most visited Buddhist pilgrim destinations in India, which once flocked with tourists, now wears a deserted look in the aftermath of cyclone FANI.

Not only has the cyclone deprived Dhauligiri of its green cover, but also afflicted the entire business community in the area.

A business owner in the area, Manas Sahu, said that the number of tourists have dropped after receiving warning about FANI. The cyclone has not only affected the business but also the Dhauli Light and Sound Show at the Shanti Stupa as all the equipment and machinery have damaged.

Equipments worth over Rs 4 crore have been damaged in the cyclone, said Operating Engineer of the Light and Sound Show, Rashmi Ranjan Panda. While electricity is yet to be restored, the shattered equipments are being collected after restoration of communication.

Following it assessment will be done to find out which equipments are damaged, but the show will run again after renovation, he added.

Other than uprooting the trees in the surroundings, the cyclone also damaged the flag of Dhabaleswar Temple at Dhauligiri and the shops on the premises, said temple servitor Subash Mohapatra.

Though the temple rituals are continuing as usual, the number of tourists has dropped. The administration is doing its job but people should realize that it will take time to recover after such an incident, he added.


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