WUnfulfilled, ishes No One Responsible For My Death: Aditya’s ‘Suicide Note’ Recovered

Bhubaneswar: The body of a young and well-known social worker Aditya Kumar Dash was found on railway tracks early morning on Tuesday.

It is suspected that Aditya committed suicide. While the investigation is still underway, on Wednesday evening, a four-page letter made rounds on the social media which is reported to be the suicide note of Aditya.

The hand-written letter is in Odia and has messages for Aditya’s friends and members of his NGO, People For Seva (PFS). Here are the excerpts…

Dear, Pappu, Bikas and Members of the society PFS

Nobody can predict how and when death knocks at the door. Today exactly the same way death has come close to me.

It’s said everyone is destined to stay in this world for a particular period. I think my final time has come.

There was a lot of hope to build an own house for the old age home. Maybe God did not want this. However, after I go, you, Bikas and other members of PFS take care of the Ashram.

I have signed on the cheque. Withdraw money and discharge the day to day activities of Ashram.

Make the legal documents. Pappu you be the chairman and Bikas you become Treasurer to carry forward the activities of PFS.

Here is my phone, all the numbers are stored in it. You won’t face any problem after I go.

There are many things which I could not accomplish while I was alive. May be after my departure people will sympathise to fulfill my last wish.

Buy a plot and make a house for the Ashram. Even if it’s a small one, my soul would be happy to see it from the skies.

Bikas please take care of my parents. Everything is connected on my phone number. I am leaving back everything and you won’t face any problem.

I had spent Rs 50,000 from PFS account during my marriage. I had planned to deposit it back but I could not. I am very sad for this.

Hope you would return Rs 70,000 which I had given you in the account of PFS.

Please fulfill my last wish of a land and house for the Ashram. You will get all help from my mobile to run everything.

I am missing my parents a lot they are not at home. If I look at their face, I won’t be able to take a wrong step.

They will return tomorrow but I might not be there. No one is responsible for my death.

Probably, my Life was limited to these many days. Shree you are very nice. My love for you and I will miss you a lot from above.

Wanted to do a lot for the country, it all remained a wish. I want to advice the youths to prepare themselves before arm twisting with the Government, else they will make your life difficult.

If liquor is banned in Odisha, my soul will be at peace forever.

Aditya Kumar Dash

6 July, 2020.

While the police is yet to corroborate the veracity of the letter, sources said, this is Aditya’s suicide note. There were other details such as email address, password and a phone number in the letter, which we preferred not to write in the excerpt above.