Witchcraft Suspicion: Murderous Attack On 55-Yr-Old Woman In Odisha

**Sundergarh:** In a shocking incident, a 55-yr-old woman named Dukhi Baria was attacked by her neighbours on suspicion of practicing witchcraft. She sustained grievous injuries on her chest, back and hands and was rushed to Sundergarh District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) for treatment.

This incident occurred in Pamara village under Badagaon PS of Sundergarh district.

As per reports, Rama Nayak and his family suspected Dukhi to be practicing sorcery, and superstitiously believed it to cause problems in their family.

On Monday, Rama Nayak noticed the elderly woman to be approaching towards their house. Suspecting her of practicing black magic to harm his family, he asked his daughter to attack the woman with an axe. The other family members also instigated the act and the woman got grievous injuries.

The locals rescued her and she was immediately taken to the DHH for treatment.

Meanwhile, Rama Nayak, his wife, son and daughter have been detained by the police for interrogation.

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