Woman In Labour Pain Denied Checkup In Koraput Medical College, Delivers Baby Near Drain

**Koraput:** The negligence of some staff members of Koraput medical college compelled a tribal woman to deliver her baby girl near a drain near the canteen of Koraput Medical College & Hospital. According to sources, she was denied a check-up by the hospital staff member as she did not bring along her documents related to the pregnancy.

Notably, the woman named Dimai Muduli (32) had come to the hospital for the check-up of her husband Raghu Muduli as he was ill. She hailed from Janiguda village under Mastiput panchayat of Koraput block.

After the husband’s check-up, she experienced labour pain and asked a medical nurse to arrange for a check-up. But, the nurse allegedly refused to do so on the grounds that she did not have the required card and the documents. She also asked her to arrange those documents for a proper check-up.

She reportedly went to a nearby canteen on the premises and sat near the drain as her pain increased. Shortly afterwards, she delivered a baby girl. But shockingly, the woman and the child remained unattended for half an hour.

The woman was taken in the hospital only after the people came to know of it and made a hue about the whole incident. According to sources, she was shifted in a stretcher only after the higher medical authorities intervened and media persons stepped in.


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