Women Traffickers On The Prowl In Malkangiri’s Bonda Ghati, Pregnant Bonda Girl Files FIR

**Malkangiri: ** Taking undue advantage of their poverty and gullibility, human traffickers and flesh trade perpetrators are reportedly on the prowl in the remote Bonda Ghati under Khairput block in this tribal-dominated district of southern Odisha following which a minor Bonda girl, being allegedly ditched after made pregnant, has filed a police complaint in Khairput Police Station praying for justice.

While the complainant has now being left in the lurch to fend for herself as her family members here have also shockingly forsaken her, she is said to be one of the two minor girls of the Bonda community found to be seven-month pregnant after falling prey to such crooks in Visakhapatnam of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

On the other hand, lots of other such Bonda minor girls are still reportedly missing and yet to be back home.

As per reports, the two victims of Dimiriguda village under Khairiput block were sent to Vishakhapatnam by the alleged traffickers alluring them of better income and livelihoods. They were forced to be in physical relation with drunkard people and later they returned village with seven-month pregnancy.

“The contractor has been wooing many of our girls and betraying afterwards. When I had been to there for job, I was also wooed and ditched,” said a victim, who has come back to village after becoming pregnant.

She even hesitatingly rued, “We were forced to be engaged in sex trade in Visakhapatnam. I don’t know whether that man will come to accept me and my baby. When being asked he said he belongs to a higher caste.”

On being queried, she informed, “There are over 200 girls and women of 32 villages from our Bonda community taken to Visakhapatnam and forced to be victims of sex trade. Now I need justice at any cost.”

An aggrieved village youth said, “Outside contactor named Paul Raju called our village girls to work in Visakhapatnam. Giving false marriage assurance, enter into sexual relation and ditches them after they become pregnant. The girl who has filed FIR should be given justice anyhow. Once the culprit is punished, such cases will never recur.”