Workshop On Pension Grievances For Indian Navy Veterans At Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A workshop on pension grievances (ePPO) and related matters for retired personnel of Indian Navy was organised here on Thursday. On the occasion, Jagdish Sakpale of PCDA NAVY, Mumbai, Commodore Sridhar Ramswami from NAVPEN, Mumbai and Naval veteran Anish Maurya addressed veterans from Odisha and assured early redressal of their pension related grievances.

Retired Indian Navy veterans from different parts of Odisha attended the workshop. However, many of them who could not attend the event have been asked to fill the forms on Google and share it with the authorities. Total 104 veterans submitted their grievances on Google forms while 50 retired Navy personnel apprised their concerns in person.

The Veterans Club Odisha praised Commodore Ramswami and Sapkale for the workshop. The Club president Bidyadhar Nayak expressed gratitude for their assistance. Among others, veterans Samrendra Parija, Rabindra Kumar Sahoo, Gopinath Mishra, Kaliprasad Mishra, Chinmaya Kumar Hota, Sesadeb Mishra, Dinabandhu Sarangi, Ajay Kumar Nayak, Maheswar Dikshit, and Ramesh Chandra Lenka attended the workshop.