You will Be Shocked To Know The Silly Reason Behind Murder Of This Married Woman

**Keonjhar**: The cold-blooded murder of a 30-yr-old married woman Shakuntala Mahakud has sent a chill in the nondescript village of Sarangi in Champua block under Baria PS. The police have seized the body and have sent it for post mortem. It has also arrested the accused Julu Sahoo.

Notably, Shakuntala was married to Rabindra Mahakud and had two kids but she was involved in an extra-marital affair with another married person of the village named Sipu.

The murderer Julu Sahoo, neighbour of Sipu disapproved of their relationship.

“I had warned Sipu not to get entangled into such obscene things. But he did not listen to me. On Monday, I heard him talk to the woman and asking her to meet at a spot. I followed him and caught them red-handed. Sipu and that woman tried to assault me. There I slit the woman’s throat with a blade. Sipu fled the spot,” informed the accused Julu.

But the police has started its investigation. It is yet to get the murder weapon.

“We got a call from a villager that a woman was found dead in his backyard. We have seized the body and sent it for autopsy. It seems that she had cried out the name of the murderer before breathing her last. So we arrested the accused who have admitted his crime. The real reason behind it will be ascertained only after the investigation is over,” said Susant Kumar Mohanty, IIC, Baria PS.