Youngsters Voice Mixed Opinion On Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Bhubaneswar: There is no harm in celebrating Valentine’s Day in our country, but there should be a check and balance on public display of affection, said a group of youngsters in Bhubaneswar today. Love is eternal, love is pious, love is special, so what is the harm in having a day dedicated to celebrating love, a city-based student said.

Falling in love is one of the best and treasured experiences in human life. But many people think, whether there is any impact of Valentine’s Day on Indian culture, values and respect. It is a day of love when people give gifts, roses, flowers, teddy, gifts and greeting cards to each other.

“Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with western influences on Indian culture and tradition. India has successfully survived cultural clashes in the past. So, we do not see the festival impacting our ethos and culture,” said a couple requesting anonymity.

“There is a limit to everything. We do not need a specific day to celebrate love. I would urge the youths to not to adopt Western culture and celebrate Indian festivals. We have many of those,” said others.

A girl student said it depends on person-to-person whether to observe the festival or denounce it. “But I personally do not see any reason to prevent anyone and checking his or her individual freedom of expression.”

OMMCOM NEWS team spoke to a number of youths among whom many said that it is not only about boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. “Love exists between children and parents, siblings, uncle – aunt and niece nephews, cousins. The celebrations should not be confined to couples only. The boundaries of the celebrations should be broadened,” said a group of students at Utkal University here.