Abandoned For Disability, Odia Baby ‘Punya’ Finds New Home In USA

Bhubaneswar: A physically challenged newborn who was abandoned by her parents outside an Ashram in Cuttack two years back has found a new home in the USA. The little girl named Punya rehabilitated at Bashundhara Child Care Center was adopted by an US-based couple – Abi Camili Hesley and Alan Hesley.

The girl child was found outside Bashundhara Child Care Center in Cuttack on May 8, 2020. Someone had left her on a cradle outside the ashram, probably because she was afflicted with polio. On spotting the abandoned child, the ashram personnel rushed her to Sishu Bhavan where she underwent treatment and recovered to a large extent through physiotherapy.

She was named Punya, the blessed, because the newborn fought with death and disability and survived healthily. While she got a new identity at Basundhara, the charming little girl was unable to get a home. Mostly, because of the polio afflicted conditions. However, recently, the Hesley couple from the US have expressed deep interest in adopting her.

According to reports, the adoption formalities will be completed soon and Odisha’s Punya will be flying to the United States to live with her foster parents in a new world.