Angels Serving The Elderly Amid Corona Crisis In Koraput

Koraput: Service to mankind is service to God, and in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic when the entire human race is at risk, assisting the people in distress is no less than worshipping the almighty.

A group of volunteers is doing something noble by helping senior citizens who are staying alone in Jeypore town and its peripheral areas.

The group led by a Jeypore-based youth Aasit Patnayak is moving around the town and providing aid and assistance to those whose children are staying outside Odisha.

The group is active on social media platforms where some mobile numbers have been posted. Similarly, they have set up a group on What’s App to reach out to the needy.

“Amid this crisis, people are not able to travel. Sons and daughters of elderly couples staying outside Odisha or abroad are unable to reach home,” said Aasit.

“We get messages from people of Koraput who are staying in Delhi, Mumbai and other cosmopolitan cities. They seek help in terms of providing medicines and other essential items to their parents who stay alone here,” he added.

The social service group is also extending help to the elderly people by taking them to the vaccination centres.

“This is a very critical situation. We are living alone because of unavoidable circumstances and amid such situation, these youths are angels for us,” a group of senior citizens who have been assisted by Aasit and his friends, said.

Aasit Patnayak, Volunteer, Koraput

Pabitra Mohan Patra, Senior Citizen, Koraput