Bakul Foundation To Start Digital Storytelling ‘[email protected]

Bhubaneswar: With COVID-19 pandemic in place, the Bakul Foundation has come up with a unique innovation. And since children are unable to move out of their home, the foundation has decided to come home to children and parents on their digital screens.

Founder of the Bakul foundation Sujit Mahapatra shared the update with OMMCOM NEWS. “Based on our past experience of holding storytelling events and the amazing response that we had received, we have decided to bring bedtime storytelling to digital platforms.”

“We have been quite ambitious and are aiming for this to run for 50 weeks in which 50 storytellers from 50 different countries will tell stories from their country and also introduce their country in the English language of course. The aim is multicultural exposure”

“We have curated this with a lot of love. Please help us in reaching out to children anywhere as this is free requiring no registration. This is the first of many digital engagements that BAKUL has been planning both for children and the general public,” adds Sujit.

Bakul Foundation To Start Digital Storytelling ‘Storytime@9’

Children of all ages can log in to the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages of the Bakul Foundation every Saturday at 9 pm from August 1 onwards. A moderator will be managing the session and will also take questions from children.

The foundation also used to hold regular storytelling sessions at the library. In collaboration with the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Odisha Tourism, the Bakul Foundation had curated the Bhubaneswar Festival of Storytelling (BhuFeSto) during the Hockey World Cup in 2018.

Sujit Mahapatra, Founder, Bakul Foundation

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