Cuttack Woman Gifts 3-Storied House Worth Rs 1 Crore To Rickshaw Puller

Cuttack: In a materialistic world that we live in, clinging to material possessions or the crazed obsession for property till the last breath of life is nothing uncommon and is prevalent in societies throughout the world.

But there are exceptions, one such case is of a 63-year-old woman in Cuttack who has donated her property worth around Rs one crore to her caretaker a rickshaw puller and his wife.

The big-hearted woman in question is 63-year-old Minati Patnaik, a resident of Christian Sahi in Sutahat locality of Cuttack city.

She has donated her three-storied building Budha Samal, a rickshaw puller and his wife Buti Samal who are her caretakers and who have stood beside her through thick and thin.

Budha, the rickshaw puller is known to Minati’s family for the last 25 odd years.

“What noble deed have I done? I have given this house of brick and mortar to him. Can they give me orders? They cannot. But I am giving them orders-get me a glass of water, this that. We understand the value of brick and mortar nobody understands human value,” lamented Minati.

She said travelling in Budha’s rickshaw she developed a relationship with him somehow.

“I, my husband and my daughter could not do anything without Budha. I came to this house in 1994, at that time Budha used to keep his rickshaw at the Square nearby,” she added.

She said that she had initially mistaken Budha to be a Muslim man. But one day he came with vermillion on his forehead and then upon query he told her that he was a Hindu man, she added.

Minati lost her husband in July 2020 and lost her daughter-her only child in January this year in two back to back tragedies over a span of six months.

“I lost my husband in July 2020 and in January 2021 I lost my daughter. After losing my daughter what use is this house and property? We were a happy family, everything was ruined within a span of six months,” said Minati.

Budha said that he has been living in Minati’s house for the last 25 years.

“From carrying her daughter and husband when they were alive, to buying stuff from the market, cooking I do everything. We never had any greed for the property. She has forcibly given it to us. We are very happy,” said Budha.

He said that earlier he used to come in the morning and stay till 6 in the evening.

“She used to stay alone, no one to give her a glass of water. There were a lot of problems. One day she asked me to come with my family and stay with her,” Budha added.

“I had never expected it nor thought in my dreams that Maa will gift it to us,” said Buti Samal, Budha’s wife.

Minati Patnaik, Donor

Budha Samal, Rickshaw Puller

Buti Samal, Budha Samal's Wife