Engineer From Odisha’s Koraput Develops ID Card To Maintain Social Distance

Jeypore: An young engineer from Koraput district of Odisha, who is famous for creating various innovative products, has now developed an ID Card that can help students to maintain social distance amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

While there has been a drop in Covid-19 cases, the danger is not yet over. The pandemic has taken a toll on the education sector, affecting students, school personnel, and education institutions.

In view of this, Sisir Mallik from Jeypore in Koraput district has made a smart ID Card for the students that can help them to maintain the advisable social distance of two meters to avoid Covid-19 infection.

The Smart Card is installed with a sensor that can detect anyone coming within a two meters distance of any student wearing it, and the buzzer installed in it will warn the student and the person to keep distance.

It can be charged through a mobile phone charger and function for around eight hours on a full charge. Mallik took around 15 days and spent around 600 rupees to develop the Smart ID Card.

Mallik had earlier made a safety belt for the protection and safety of women and a mini sanitizer machine that can sanitize 50 people at a time. He had also created a Robo helmet that helps strengthen security forces.

Sisir Mallik, Engineer, Koraput