Grow Old, But Age Gracefully: Balasore’s Tarun Chatterjee Redefines Fitness At 65

Bhubaneswar: Tarun Kumar Chatterjee of Balasore is a 65-year-old retired banker. Though a sexagenarian, Tarun’s figure and physique would put many young fitness enthusiasts to shame. He has set an example not only for his counterparts but also the younger generation which is suffering from sedentary lifestyles.

An early riser, Tarun’s day starts with a healthy and heavy breakfast with lots of calories which he burns at workout sessions. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which should be taken between 8 and 9:30 am. Beyond this time, breakfast loses its potential and at times is unhealthy,” said Tarun.

A well-chiseled body that Tarun possesses has been the result of his dedicated and disciplined workout regime. The 65-year-old sticks to a very strict diet. “I have my dinner by 9 pm and sleep early. A night of good sleep is most essential for maintaining good health,” he added.

Tarun used to be a regular at the gym when he was young. But now post-retirement, this 65-year-old fitness enthusiast is again pursuing his passion. “Our body is like an engine. It has to be maintained for longevity. Everyone should exercise, walk and maintain a good diet,” he added.

At an age when people prefer to rest Tarun’s passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle is praiseworthy, and worth emulating.