Love Knows No Bounds: Woman Quits Family To Hold The Hands Of Disabled Lover

Angul: Around seven years back Jitendra Barik was working as a barber in Jagatsinghpur when he fell in love with Swapnarani. The duo developed a close relationship and expressed their willingness to get married.

Barik, a native of Bajrakot in Talcher returned to his native as he got a good job at a steel plant in Dereng. But the distance relationship flourished and their intention to build a family gathered strength.

Their love story met a cruel fate when Jitendra met with an accident while returning home from work. The young man lost both his legs in the mishap and was left disabled for life. The couple was shattered by the incident, but Swapnarani had the conviction to settle with her man – Jitendra.

She faced many hurdles as her family was dead against the alliance. “The youth will be dependent on you completely for the whole life, and your life will be burdened and spoiled,” Swapnarani’s family opposed saying this.

But the young woman had made up her mind to be with Jitendra through thick and thin. One morning, she packed her bags and set off for Talcher. On reaching Bajrakot, with the help of family and friends, the duo got married at the Sub Collector’s office and got their alliance registered in the Talcher Court.

People of the region are singing praises for Swapnarani and her commitment to love. “It is not easy to make such decisions. Apart from intense love, one has to have dedication and compassion to hold someone’s hand forever under such trying circumstances,” the locals said.

Jitendra Barik

Swapnarani Barik