Malkangiri’s Successful Fishpreneur, The Story Of Anand Malakar

Malkangiri: Catfish or ‘Magur Macha’ is a popular delicacy in different parts of Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Especially, if this variety of fish is bred at countryside locations naturally, the taste amplifies and so does the demand.

Anand Malakar, a native of MV-45 village in the district has taken up Magur farming in his own pond. With the support and technical assistance of Atish Mahendra Mane,
Fisheries Scientist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Malkangiri, Malakar was successful in deriving a high yield.

With a low investment of around Rs 4,000 to 5,000, Malakar’s pond produced more than 1 lakh fishes in the first phase. The price of each fish is around Rs 40 to 50, which meant good profit for the Malakar in the ongoing season. Senior Scientist Samir Ranjan Das, provided guidance in the project.

The story of Malakar is not only an example of a successful fishpreneur, it also reflects efforts of scientists towards saving an endangered specie, said locals. His story has inspired many in the district and people are showing interest in fish farming, especially the Magur breed, the scientists said.

“During the last two years, when we had no work, I decided to work on a country-fish. We received a lot of support from our scientists. We were amateurs but today we have managed to get fair amount of success in the trade,” said Malakar.

Atish Mahindra Mane, the Subject Matter Specialist at OUAT said that he identified the farmers’ problem and held meetings with senior scientists. “Desi Magur was an option for the locals. I visited some areas, spoke to Anand Malakar and encouraged him to start with Desi Magur farming.”

“This is a proud moment and achievement for our district and Department,” added Mane.

Anand Malakar, Fish Farmer

Atish Mane, Scientist, Malkangiri