Meet 14-Year-Old Singing Prodigy From Cuttack Who Can Sing In 6 Languages

Cuttack: Language fuels our brains, frames our thoughts and makes complex communication possible. It takes a level of dedication to learn a language and a different level of finesse to learn to sing in multiple languages.

14-year-old Adyasha Sahoo from Cuttack’s Mangalabag has been able to achieve this unique feat. A singing prodigy, Adyasha had her first taste of public performance at a tender age of five.

Speaking to OMMCOM NEWS, Adyasha animatedly spoke of her love for music. While she began singing in Odia and Hindi, her attention was soon caught by melodious numbers in other languages. “Telugu songs first caught my attention. My guru (music teacher) was extremely supportive and helped to understand the nuances restricted to a language,” says Adyasha.

“To further understand the meaning of a song, I used Internet’s help,” she adds. Very soon, the budding singer forayed into Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam. Now she comfortably sings multiple songs in a total of six languages.

While her guru helped her fine-tune her singing skills, Adyasha’s biggest strength is her parents. Born on to banker Amrit and homemaker Sukalyani, little Adyasha grew up with ‘simple living, high thinking’ ideology.

Her parents thoroughly supported her when they found that their daughter had an inclination towards music. “I used to play musical instruments myself and had basic knowledge. And when my daughter expressed her interest in singing in multiple languages, we pushed her to follow her dreams to achieve the extraordinary,” says Amrit.

A very proud Sukalyani says, “She used to react to music beats even before she could speak. We are only helping her fulfil her dreams.”

All of 14 years, Adyasha has participated in several state and national level competitions. She is now honing her skills and hopes to bring laurels and fame for Odisha and India soon.

Adyasha Sahoo

Amrit Sahoo, Adyasha's Father

Sukalyani Sahoo, Adyasha's Mother