Meet Odisha’s Youngest Scuba Diver Tisya Panigrahi

Bhubaneswar: At 10, Tisya Panigrahi has become the youngest scuba open water diver when she plunged 40 feet deep in the Gulf of Oman off the eastern coast of United Arab Emirates.

On August 22 she successfully qualified for the Junior Open Water Scuba Diver License. She was awarded this license by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Notably, PADI is the world’s largest scuba diving training and certification organization.

Born in Sambalpur and settled in Dubai, Tisya was inspired by her father, Priyadarshee Panigrahi, who is a certified PADI open water diver himself.

In of her first dives after obtaining her license, Tisya dived at two popular dive sites of UAE – ‘Martini Rock’ and ‘Hole in the Wall’, on October 9 along with her diving buddy Priyadarshee. She went down to 40 feet at the ‘Martini Rock’ dive site while she went down to 37 feet at the ‘Hole in the Wall’ dive site.


On her unique achievement, the young scuba diver said, “The underwater world is very beautiful and colourful. I saw a lot of different types of fishes and corals. You feel weightless in the calm and peaceful underwater environment’. She also said that this diving license gives her the opportunity to explore 70% of the world – which is underwater.

For Priyadarshee diving along with his daughter was a surreal experience. He said, ‘It is a great feeling to hold your daughter’s hand and explore the secrets of the sea’. He added that he had always wanted to dive with Tisya and now that dream has come true.