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Odisha’s Farmer-Turned-Innovator Builds Power Tiller From Scooter Engine

Balasore: It is rightly said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. When someone is in dire need of anything, and the resources are limited, new ways to do things are discovered. Such situations give birth to innovations.

Sounding too sermonic? But to begin with the story of Odisha’s farmer-turned-innovator Bhaskar Maharana, this narrative was very much called for.

Coming from Kantigadia, a small hamlet in Balasore’s Khaira block, Bhaskar’s ideas are rational which complement his scientific temper and grip on tools. Bhaskar has developed a tiller from scrap, all on his own.

Made with a scooter engine and motorcycle handle, this power tiller eases farming activities. Interestingly, Bhaskar, a middle-aged man utilised the lockdown period to innovate this machine.

“I hold an ITI certificate and have worked as a technician in submarines at Vizag. I do not like to sit idle. Two months of lockdown period was enough to make this power tiller. However, my knowledge is limited, and I will need technical help for improvising this machine for the better,” said Bhaskar.

Lack of finance has never been a hindrance for Bhaskar. He pumped a majority of his savings, around Rs 22,000 in building his dream power tiller.

“Bhaskar loves his tools. He runs a small workshop in the village and keeps on surprising us with small innovations. Government assistance or help from NGOs will prove to be divine interventions. Not only for Bhaskar but for the entire village,” said a villager of Kantigadia.

Bhaskar’s son has helped him in every step, in arranging the scrap-spares to testing the final product. Bhaskar’s wife said, “We have used it already, the power tiller is working fine. But in muddy fields there are some issues, because the engine cannot throw much power. Here is where my husband is seeking some help.”

It is not an easy job to stir one’s scientific temper and innovate in the midst of an ongoing crisis. Bhaskar is one such individual for whom situations are no impediments. He has proven that there is no dearth of talent in rural parts of our country or state. All that they need is timely assistance and the right exposure.

Bhaskar Maharana, Farmer-Turned-Innovator

Bhaskar's Wife


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