Prabal Mohanty’s Lens Captures Magic: Story Of A Marine Engineer Turned Photographer

Bhubaneswar: ‘It is only one life, you must enjoy it and live it fully,’ “this was my father’s message which catapulted my passion for photography into profession,” said noted Odia photographer Prabal Mohanty.

In an exclusive interview with Ommcom News, Mohanty, a native of Visakhapatnam said passion should be pursued and nothing is more fulfilling when that becomes your vocation.

Today, Mohanty, a former Marine Engineer has switched over to professional photography and has earned a name for himself. Starting his career as a seafarer, Mohanty has seen several countries, contours, people, and nature very closely.

“While travelling on ships, I have captured half the globe on my lens. My colleagues then, were very encouraging and always backed me to take pictures.”

“In 2003, I decided to move to photography as a fulltime job. It started with some Government assignments which I did for my ad-agency and the results were very motivating.”

Mohanty was very good at fine arts and always wanted to build a career out of it. He also secured a scholarship and a seat at Andhra University for a Fine Arts course.

It was my father who advised me to join Vizag Port and travel around the world. “You love travelling, go see the world. Paint, and capture new places and people on your camera,” his father said to Mohanty.

“Today, on looking back, I realise my father’s motivation when I was 14 played a key role. That time he handed me over his own camera and asked me to take photos. An artist within me got wings with this device and I started capturing.”

Mohanty has taken photographs all around the world. He is very passionate about Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam, and other cities of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

“I have captured the skyline of Vizag which was an achievement for me. My frames of Bhubaneswar depict how a city has evolved over time. How the old town and new areas have a contrast. All these factors fascinate me,” added Mohanty.

Mohanty has settled and lived in Andhra Pradesh for over 50 years now. However, in heart and living he is very much an Odia. “Whenever I get time, I come back to my native State and click pictures.”

The passion and dedication of Mohanty for photography is incredible. Budding artists and lens-men have a lot to learn from this mariner turned photographer.

Prabal Mohanty, Ace Photographer