Radhika Lost Her Legs, Not Hopes: The Young Keonjhar Girl Aspires To Study, Seeks Help

Keonjhar: Mishaps might inflict bodily injuries but hopes and ambitions should remain intact, unscathed. It is our determination that drives us forward despite setbacks. A testament to the will-power of humans is this young girl from the mining town of Barbil, Radhika.

She lost both her legs in a tragic rail accident at Bolani railway siding, four years back. Her parents were penniless to save Radhika’s life when Good Samaritans came to her rescue. She was rushed to SCB Medical College in Cuttack where the young girl underwent major surgery.

She emerged as a fighter, beating death. However, Radhika’s legs had to be amputated to save her life. Her woes did not end there. Life had more sufferings in store for this girl. She lost her father midway while nurturing ambitions to pursue education.

Senior members of Barbil Civil Society led by Convener of the forum, Ashok Thacker came forward for Radhika’s help on a couple of occasions. They donated clothes, blankets and helped Radhika with other basic necessities. The lesse of an iron-ore mine on the outskirts of Barbil assisted Radhika with a three-wheeler cycle recently. Both Radhika and the owner of KN Ram mines expressed happiness.

“My movement will be easier to a lot extent with this new cycle,” she said, adding that her dreams to study and be self-reliant are still bright. Radhika stressed the word ‘new’ while speaking on camera, probably because this was one of the few occasions she received a gift, ‘first-hand’.

We believe, her self-esteem prevented Radhika from seeking help outrightly. But Radhika did share passingly that life is difficult for her and she wants to study. With hopes of getting help to chase her dreams, the young Barbil girl smiled and said, “I am willing to study, and stand on my own feet.”