Sabyasachi Proves To Be A Real Hero Yet Again, Turns Messiah For Puri Girl

Bhubaneswar: The noble deeds of Ollywood star Sabyasachi during the peak COVID-19 pandemic is no secret. It would not be an overstatement to say, what Sonu Sood was for the nation, Sabyasachi was for the distressed people of Odisha.

Sabya did a Yeomen’s job in rescuing a number of Odias stuck outside the state and also worked tirelessly to ensure they reached their homes safely. However, the Odia actor’s passion for serving is beyond any limits.

A case in point is Puri’s Kuni Panda who was suffering from a rare tumour in the wrist of her right hand. For the past six months, Kuni experienced excruciating pain and was unable to carry out her daily chores in a normal manner.

It was through a Good Samaritan, Sandip, Kuni approached Sabyasachi over social media and sought the actor’s help. Known for his knack for helping the needy, Sabyasachi was prompt to respond and committed to helping the young girl.

The Odia star got in touch with doctors at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, and scheduled the surgery of Kuni. During the last week of this month, the Puri girl’s operation was carried out successfully and today she is a happy soul, indebted to Sabyasachi.

“I had promised Kuni that we will try our best and no one will cut her hand. I had also promised her that once her hand is ok, I will meet her & she will tie a Rakhi on my hand with cured hands,” Sabyasachi said.

The off-screen Hero kept his promise word-by-word. Not only was the afflicted limb cured, but he also called on the lively young girl and the duo observed a Raksha-Bandhan ceremony.

“Thanks to AIIMS Bhubaneswar, Dr Madhabanada Kar, Dr Ritesh Panda, and Dr Bishnu Patra for the miracle. Thanks to all who prayed for her. It’s a happy ending for a new beginning,” added Sabyasachi.

Kuni belongs to Puri’s Baliapanda area and her family has financial challenges. When locals in the area shared their apprehensions that her hand might be amputated, the young girl was left shattered. It was at this point in her life, Sabyasachi entered as a messiah. The Odia actor proved it yet again – He is a real-life hero, responding to the call of the distressed in the time of need.

Sabyasachi was pleasantly surprised to spot a Tattoo on Kuni’s hand marked ‘S’. She inked the first letter of her saviour’s name in memory of his timely help. “She said it was her belief that if she writes my name in her hand then it will be cured,” Sabyasachi added.