Software Engineer Turns Successful Fish Farmer In Cuttack

Cuttack: Many persons have switched professions during the Covid-19 pandemic. One among them is a young software engineer from Cuttack district in Odisha who has turned into a successful fish farmer.

Subrat Mohapatra of Cuttack was once a software designer in a multinational company. During the lockdown last year he gained knowledge of Biofloc fish farming through YouTube and was inspired to change his career.

He has set up his own fish farm in the area adjacent to his home. He has created three artificial ponds where he is cultivating various species of fish. He has set an example for everyone by being successful in his initiative.

Subrat is exporting fish to Kolkata and other places and now planning to start organic farming along with fish farming. He has strong family support for his new profession.

Subrat Mohapatra, Software Engineer, Cuttack