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Jharsuguda Village Bids Final Goodbye To A Bihari As Their Own

Jharsuguda: The village of Khinda showed that the birthplace of freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai has kept its sense of humanity alive which is across borders. The whole village came together and bade goodbye to a Bihari as they would do to their own.

A Bihar resident had made his way to Khinda a few years ago and used to make a living by selling ‘Jhal Muri’. He settled here and had developed quite a bonding with the fellow villagers.

Last evening the man was bit by a snake. Today morning on finding him unconscious, some of the villagers took him to Khinda Primary Health Centre. He was then referred to Jharsuguda District Headquarter Hospital where he was declared dead.

Even though heartbroken, the village came together and pooled Rs 47,500. They booked an ambulance and also sent money for his last rites.

These simple villagers set an example by their simple act that relations are built not by blood but by mutual respect.

Khinda Resident

Relative Of The Deceased


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