This Denizen’s Civic Sense Prompts Him Being Repellent To Mosquito Menace

Cuttack: Being inspired by the wise saying ‘Service to mankind is service to God’ or the golden principle ‘Do unto others as thou want others to do unto thee’, this sensible citizen, bestowed with a very good sense of civic sense, has been on his selfless mission to get his fellow human beings rid of the pestering menace meted out by the mosquitoes in this millennium city.

Even though being a businessman by occupation, he rather prefers to make a profit out of serving his society despite meeting the expenses from his own purse.

He is Satyabrata Rout (fondly called Kabula Bhai) of Shikharpur Upara Sahi.

Conscious Kabula Bhai has been on his mission mode not only to protect himself from the prevalent pricks and toxic pangs of the insects, but also his fellow citizens.

He did not bother to fork out Rs 7,000 for purchasing online the handy fog machine and has been regularly coughing up spontaneously even money from his own pocket daily for over two litres of diesel and the required chemicals for fogging the lanes and by-lanes.

Speaking to OMMCOM NEWS, Kabula Bhai said, “I realized that the mosquito menace is increasing unabatedly. CMC personnel are doing their job using the big machine. I’m also on my efforts of fogging with my small machine as the CMC’s vehicle is unable to venture into the narrow lanes and by-lanes here in this city.”

He explained, “As the people are being benefitted by it, I’m receiving phone calls from them for the aid. Even the residents of adjoining Jobra, College Chhak and other peripheral areas are seeking my help. I’m pleased with my social gesture. Purchased the handy fog machine online, mix the required chemicals daily and carry out the social work. I’m meeting all the expenses from my own purse.”

“This act of mine began from the pandemic period last year. I distributed then sanitizers and masks. I also cooperated with my friends and local club members to provide food to the needy during the lockdown,” he informed beamingly.

Satyabrata Rout

In her reactions, Shikharpur upper-lane resident Snehaprada Bal told, “We’re being immensely benefitted by his noble gesture. The workers of CMC are fogging throughout the main road with their big machine, but it is insufficient for our lanes and by-lanes. We’re very grateful to our Satyabrata Bhai for fogging and relieving us from the nagging mosquito menace. Our children are now doing their studies comfortably at home and we’re also doing our daily chores hassle-free.”

Snehaprada Bal