5 Temples In Bhubaneswar That You Must Visit

31 March 2019


Bhubaneswar: Aptly called the ‘City of Temples’, Bhubaneswar has a total of over 700 small and big temples predominately dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples are a treat to the eyes with a culmination of rekha (a sanctum with curvilinear spire), pidha (square front porch) and intricately carved sculptures.

These are the 5 temples in Bhubaneswar that tourists and devotees throng to:

Lingaraj Temple

Built during 11th century AD, the resplendent Lingraj Temple is around 180 feet tall and has more than 64 smaller shrines in the temple complex. The presiding deity is Harihara, a combination of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The only negative point is that only Hindus are allowed into this temple- which is the pinnacle of architectural beauty.

Mukteswar Temple

Built in 10th century AD, this temple is known for stone archway, lion head motifs and the ceiling with eight-petal lotus. The temple also has many carved images like Hindu mythological figures, monks in different meditation poses, and folk tales from Panchatantra. Try and catch the famous Mukteshwar Dance Temple held in the temple in January every year.

Brahmeswar Temple

Built in 11th Century AD, the Brahmeswar temple is approximately 60 feet tall. For the first time, iron beams were used in a temple's construction and even musicians and dancers appeared on the temple walls. One side of the temple has several tantric images and Lord Shiva is depicted in frightening aspects.

Rajarani Temple

Built during 10th century A.D, this temple got the name from the unique of sandstone called ‘Rajarani’ used to build it. The temple is known for its erotic sculptures and ornate carvings. The annual Rajarani Music Festival, held in January, shouldn’t be missed.

Chausathi Jogini Temple

This temple located 15 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar, is one of only four yogini temples in the country dedicated to the cult of tantra. With 64 yogini goddess figures carved in the walls, the temple doesn't have a roof. The presiding goddess is called Mahamaya and the tantric rituals that were once practiced in the temple have been discontinued.