Google Celebrates Its 23rd Birthday With Animated Doodle

New Delhi: Search giant Google on Monday created an animated cake doodle on its homepage while celebrating its 23rd birthday.

The doodle features a cake with ’23’ written on top of it. Also, a birthday candle substituting for ‘L’ in “Google.

“Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages around the globe, and while much has changed from the early days of Google, from its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to its servers now being housed in more than 20 data centers globally, its mission of making the world’s information accessible to everyone remains the same,” Google wrote in a bio accompanying the Doodle.

Google was found back in 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The search engine was born as a research project by its founders who were doing research at Stanford University, California.

The domain of was registered on September 15, 1995. On September 4, 1998, Page and Brin registered Google as a company.

In the year 1996, Both Page and Brin named their search engine BackRub before calling it Google.

The search engine got the name Google from the mathematical term “googol” which refers to one followed by 100 zeroes.

Present CEO Sundar Pichai took over Google’s leadership on October 24, 2015. Over the years, Google has expanded its services.