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How To Observe A Maha Shivratri Fast

04 March 2019


Bhubaneswar: Shivratri is the day when lakhs of devotees observe a daylong fasting to appease Lord Shiva. Art of Living says that there is a significance attached to the Shivratri fast (‘vrat’). It eliminates toxins from the body and purifies the mind. “When the mind becomes alert, it is better prepared for prayer and meditation, which is central to the celebration of Mahashivratri,” the website of Art of Living mentions.

There are some simple rules to ease your Shivratri fast. First step is to check with the doctor whether one’s body is suitable for fasting or not. It is recommended to observe the fast with fruits and water. The food you eat during the Shivratri vrat should not comprise pulses, rice, wheat, and table salt. Examples of ideal food are Sabudana khichdi, Singhara halwa (halwa made from water chestnut flour) and Sama ke chawal (barnyard millet).

So take care of your body and do not endure aggressive fasting. Lord Shiva would never want his devotees to harm themselves to appease him!

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