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IIT-Kanpur Introduces Indegenous Fashionable Masks To Fight Covid-19

Kanpur: Masks have become a precautionary measure for saving lives during the ongoing corona pandemic. So, IIT-Kanpur has designed unique fashionable designer masks keeping in view the health of the people which will prove to be very effective in combating the Covid-19 infection.

This designer mask was designed by a startup incubated company ‘E-Spin’ at IIT-Kanpur. Dr. Sandeep Patil, Director of E-Spin, told IANS, “This variety of masks is completely indigenous. Apart from previously launched white-black masks, we have added designer colourful multi-function N95 masks which will be launched soon.”

He said, “This mask is completely different from other masks sold in the market but is similar to the masks we have launched earlier. People don’t like black and white masks much. That is why we have made masks in diverse hues. Its top layer is coloured but there is no compromise with safety.”

“The visibility, filtration and capacity of masks produced by us was much better than masks available in the market. This mask is certified by Nelson Lab and can protect people from bacteria and virus attacks. These masks are also capable of stopping 300 nanometre particles. It is priced at a low price and will start getting easily available to people in the second week of October,” Dr. Patil added.

He said, “Our masks were recently used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the ‘Bhoomi-pujan’ at Ayodhya on August 5. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and political personalities from all states have been using our masks. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, including several other celebrities were also using our masks.”

Nitin Charathe, other Director of E-Spin, said the mask was completely safe from viruses, bacteria, smoke, dust etc. The masks are available on the online platform and in market with the brand name ‘Swasa’. “We are manufacturing black and white regular, activated carbon masks and now fashionable masks by Swasa.”

“Mask manufacturing started in 2018. During that time it was used more in hospitals. The company is producing ‘N95 Swasa masks’. Nearly 25,000 masks were produced by us every day. The objective of this initiative is to fight the pandemic contributing to the nation’s collective effort in combating the infection,” Charathe added.



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