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06 August 2019


New Delhi:The historic decision to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir did not deter the meme makers from poking fun at Bollywood actors and political leaders on Monday.

Some of the funniest memes are directed at actors Akshay Kumar and John Abraham -- both known for their love for scripts with generous doses of patriotism. Several creatives show Kumar and Abraham fighting over the story for their next movie based on the Kashmir situation. 

With the word "Gangsta" written, pictures of Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are also floating on all social networking websites. 

Memes showing brokers and buyers talking about purchasing property in Kashmir are also making the rounds. 

However, not everybody is happy that a subject as serious as this must become a subject of joke.

"Whether you support the government's move in Kashmir or not, you must know of the real conflicts and danger that could come in the wake of this. Can we for godsake stop with the jokes and memes? The insentivity is gross and disgusting! #Kashmir," a user wrote on Twitter. 

"All politics aside, sharing memes & jokes on the abrogation of Article 370 while Kashmiris struggle to communicate with their loved ones, living in a constant state of fear and misinformation must check their privilege.The situation in Kashmir is not a joke," another tweet read. 

The decision has clearly divided the Internet into two halves -- supporters of the decision and those who oppose it.