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Sweet Dishes From Odisha That You Should Not Miss

07 April 2019


Bhubaneswar: When they say ‘Khaane Ke Baad Kuch Meetha Hojaye’, Odisha offers a rich variety of sweet dishes to make the saying come true. The State is famous for its exclusive mouthwatering sweets that only a few have mastered in making. Here are five sweet dishes that one cannot miss during an Odisha visit:


Do not confuse this with West Bengal’s white ‘rashogollas’. While those are more chewy, Odisha’s brown/creamy ‘rasogollas’ melt in your mouth. This traditional sweet is offered to goddess Lakshmi during Ratha Yatra and has been cooked in Puri temple as a part of ‘bhoga’ (offering to the Lord) since several centuries. It is made of Chhena (cottage cheese) that is cooked in sugar syrup. One can enjoy the best rasagollas at Pahala (a village between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack on National Highway 5).

Chhena Poda

Another hugely popular sweet dish, Chhena Poda is also made of cottage cheese. The best part about the dish is that cheese and sugar syrup is mixed, wrapped in Sal leaves, and baked in a charcoal oven for few hours for the outer crust to caramelize and turn into brown color. Cashew, cardamoms and raisins in this dessert add to the flavor. This soft and tasty dessert is most popular in Nayagarh district.


Deep fried cottage cheese patty in thickened, sweetened and seasoned milk is called Rasabali. Believed to have been originated in Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara, this famous sweet dish is served as one of the chappana (56) ‘bhogas’ at Lord Jagannath temple. Garnish it with some cardamoms on the top and you have the moth-watering sweet dish.

Chhena Gaja

Chhena Gajja is one of the famous cuisines of Balasore. Cheese, sugar and semolina are blended together, molded into rectangular shapes and then fried before being coated in sugar syrup. This signature dessert can also be relished at Pahala.

Chhena Jhili

This sweet dish is essentially a deep fried fresh cottage cheese patty that is caramelized by soaking in sugar syrup. Nimapada, a small village in Puri district is famous for this dessert and it is perfect finish to a sumptuous Odia meal.