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Top 5 Countries That Eat The Most Meat

03 March 2019


Bhubaneswar: Chicken, mutton and fish is enjoyed by many Indians but the country is still largely vegetarian due to religious traditions and deep-rooted caste rules. In other countries, people consume beef, veal, pork, poultry and sheep on a daily basis and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), these are the world’s most carnivorous countries:

Note: The list is based on 2016 figures and the results are calculated based on kilograms of retail weight (the weight at which the meat is sold).

  1. Israel- The country consumes 80.3 kg of meat per year. Shawarma is one of the most-loved food items in Israel.

  2. Uruguay- Citizens consume on average 81.0 kg of meat per year that includes 43.1 kg of red meat. Asado, Chivita and Empanada are some of the most loved Uruguayan foods.

  3. Argentina- This country comes is in third place at just over 86.1 kg per person per year. Argentina is also the second biggest consumer of beef and veal (38.6 kg). A perfectly grilled steak is considered a traditional meal in Argentina.

  1. Australia- OECD data shows that meat consumption in Australia increased from 93 kg per in previous record person to 94.8 kg in 2016. Australians also consume far more lamb than Americans. The Australian hamburger is one of the most iconic dishes in the country.

  1. United States of America- The US tops the list, with citizens eating an average of around 97 kg per year. Most of the meat is consumed in fast food items like burgers, pizzas, wraps and tacos.

The positions 6-10 are taken by Brazil, Chile, Canada, European Union and New Zealand respectively.