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What Makes PUBG The Most Popular Video Game In India?

24 February 2019


Bhubaneswar: Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, commonly referred to as PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle game developed and published by a South Korean video game company Bluehole. Initially the app was developed for Windows and Xbox but last year, the game was also supported in mobile platforms like Android and iOS. In the game, players parachute down onto an island and the ultimate goal is to kill your enemies and be the last-man standing. The game can be played in three different approaches: single-player, duos or four-member squads.

After its entry into the android mobile devices, popularity of the game skyrocketed. With crystal graphics, mind-blowing audio and High Definition playing experience, PUBG became the perfect game to pay with family and friends. Let us take a look at why the game is so popular in India:

• Growing Indian Mobile Market- Not everyone can afford a desktop/PC in this developing country. But, India has a variety of affordable android devices and the smartphone market is even growing more. With millions of smartphone users in the country, many have become addicted to online gaming to pass free time. This is why PUBG’s popularity has gained a lot of momentum.

• Cheap 4G Internet- After arrival of Jio 4G internet in India, the country has become one of the most data consuming places of the world. Cheap and fast internet services have attracted many youngsters to explore the world of videos and gaming thus eventually leading them to PUBG.

• Advertisements- First Impression is the last impression and PUBG mobile’s advertising definitely gets that phrase spot on. The game’s interesting ads can successfully influence one to download the app and give the game a try.

• Online Streamers- Popular Gaming YouTubers are streaming PUBG every minute on their devices. Followers and subscribers of these social media influencers have the opportunity to play with them and defeat them. Youngsters can live voice chat and indulge in interactive gaming sessions with their favorite YouTubers. Nothing can be better than that.

• ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’- Winning in PUBG means you get to secure a ‘Chicken Dinner’. This pops up on the screen with the phrase ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ that brings immense joy to the players. Nowadays, everyone is talking about how many chicken dinners they won in a day.

With these points, it is pretty evident why PUBG has became so popular in India even going as far as being mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ session.